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NBA Gets More Twitter Followers than NFL

While the NFL may be the King of American sports, the NBA has its number on Twitter. The NBA went over the 2 million mark, while the NFL is holding at 1.67 million (and MLB at 971k). And our twitter is still learning to walk.

According to an AP story, “the league says its official feed at, plus feeds from its 30 teams and more than 165 players have drawn more than 23 million combined followers.”

And according to Twitter, the NBA set a record on the site when fans generated 3,085 tweets per second following the Lakers’ victory over the Celtics in Game 7 of the NBA finals.

Anyone think this means anything in terms of each league’s popularity? The NBA has always seemed to have a bigger core of younger fans, which would be obviously be more technologically inclined. They’ve also always been better at marketing. NBA is Fantastic, I love this Game, and Where Amazing Happens were all fantastic and memorable commercials, while the NFL simply relies on its on-the-field product.

I’ve always wondered why the NFL doesn’t use a Super Bowl commercial to promote itself. If the NBA had that big of a captive audience, I’m positive they would come up with something pretty good so people would be talking about the league, along with the other brands that are trying to blow you away.

Of course, once the NFL season is underway, they very well could take back the Twitter throne. I definitely wouldn’t be surprised.

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