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NBA Shocker: Nets Kris Humphries Now Even More Hated than Heat’s LeBron James

The hatred that once existed for Miami Heat forward LeBron James sparked deep, fascinating discussions regarding racial bigotry, socioeconomic progression and media double standards. It became a topic that led to immense polarization and caused a lot of people to seriously re-evaluate the way superstar-owner and superstar-team relationships are perceived.

Meanwhile, the hatred that currently exists for New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries illicits nothing more than a chuckle.

Humphries, for those that don’t keep track of people with zero self-respect and even less intelligence, served as a minor speed bump on Kim Kardashian’s quest for world domination this past summer. The poor guy, for reasons beyond anyone’s comprehension, opted to marry the biggest beneficiary ever of Ray J’s sexual prowess this past August. Predictably the marriage lasted for all of 72 days, after which, Kardashian came out and questioned Humphries’ true sexual preference.  

As it turns out, pretend-marrying a reviled reality star for 72 days while mocking the sanctity of marriage and raking in millions upon millions in the process has done a little damage to Humphries’ reputation. According to a recent Forbes article, Humphries has now officially replaced James as the most hated figure in basketball.

Here is how the results were tabulated:

Testing the public view toward the least liked players in the NBA, scores are compiled from the latest surveys done by Nielsen and E-Poll Market Research, an Encino, Calf.-based firm that tracks perceptions of athletes and other celebrities. Sticking with NBA players who register at least 10% awareness levels with the public, the list is comprised of those players garnering the most votes from people claiming a view of them as “dislike,” dislike somewhat,” or “dislike a lot.”

Ultimately, Humphries ranked as the league’s most hated player this year by bringing in an eye-popping 50 percent of the vote.

What’s truly hilarious about this is that absolutely nobody knew who the poor guy was six months ago. And, yet, in the briefest of times pans, Humphries found a way to sacrifice his pride and self-respect for a 72-day marriage to a slightly higher-end version of Snooki.

Mamas, don’t let your sons grow up to be Kris Humphries.

(Kudos to Forbes and CBS Sports for the find)

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