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NBA’s Most Overpaid: Kobe Bryant, Deron Williams, Amar’e Stoudemire and Dirk Nowitzki?

Southern Utah University economics professor and author of “The Wages of Wins” David Berri has never tried to misrepresent how he evaluates NBA players.

In his book -- a must-read for all hoops fans -- and on his site, he consistently notes that his method for determining how impactful and valuable players are is his and his alone. And while many may disagree with the players that he deems not as good as their scoring output makes folks believe that they are, there is no denying that his assessments are right far more often than they’re wrong.

Recently, Berri and the always brilliant Arturo Galletti provided CNBC with their breakdown of The Association’s 10 most overpaid players. Here is the list:

10. Tyrus Thomas

9. Deron Williams

8. Dirk Nowitzki

7. Corey Maggette

6. Mehmet Okur

5. Chris Kaman

4. Amar’e Stoudemire

3. Antawn Jamison

2. Kobe Bryant

1. Rashard Lewis

While few would probably quibble with the likes of Lewis, Jamison, Kaman, Okur, Maggette and Thomas being on the list, the inclusion of guys like Bryant and Nowitzki is mildly surprising. (Well, for people who don’t regularly read Wages of Wins, at least.)

An interesting exclusion from that list? Carmelo Anthony. His $18.5 million salary and a game that relies on little more than scoring would appear to make him an ideal candidate for this but, apparently, he missed the cut.

(Kudos CNBC)

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