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NBA Rumors: Is Ty Lawson’s Contract Situation Becoming a Distraction for the Nuggets?

The Denver Nuggets accomplished a lot this summer, but the one thing they have yet to do is come to terms on an extension with Ty Lawson.  You would think that after laying such solid groundwork with the Andre Iguodala trade and JaVale Mcgee re-signing, inking Lawson to a nice little deal would be the next logical step.

Apparently not, though.  

The Nuggets and Lawson are continuing to negotiate over terms, however, at the moment there doesn’t appear to be a deal in sight. And the lingering uncertainty is becoming a distraction for the team, according to George Karl. As noted by SLAM:

Contract talks between Ty Lawson and the Denver Nuggets are still ongoing, which head coach George Karl finds quite distracting for the team. Per the Denver Post: “If the Nuggets don’t sign point guard Ty Lawson by Wednesday, he can be a restricted free agent next summer. At $2.55 million per, Lawson currently is making less than eight other players on the Nuggets. Negotiations are ongoing, and it was clear from coach George Karl’s words that he hopes his top guard is signed soon: ‘It falls under the level of ‘distraction,’ Karl said. ‘But that’s how our business is now. I respect both sides. I respect the organization trying to get something done and I’m sure they’re negotiating honestly and fairly. Hopefully they’ll come to an agreement.’”

Lawson averaged 16 points and seven assists last season. It was clear from the jump that he, unlike Arron Afflalo, was viewed as a non-expendable piece by the franchise. Which obviously makes the delay as far as a new deal goes all the more strange.

The Nuggets positioned themselves as one of the West’s top-tier teams by sticking true to their principles and not letting individual players bully them. It will be interesting to see how they handle this situation going forward.

(Kudos SLAM)

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