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NBA Rumors: Steve Nash Probably Won’t Return in Time for Lakers vs. Warriors

The Los Angeles Lakers lost Steve Nash to a fractured fibula at the end of October. Initially, he was expected back within a week. A couple of days later, that return date got revised ever so slightly to two weeks. Then that two weeks turned into a month. We are currently a little more than a week away from the two-month anniversary of Nash’s injury.

He still isn’t back on the court.

On Monday, reports surfaced that Nash had practiced and was working his way back into game shape. The hope was that he would be able to return, in some capacity, for L.A.’s Saturday showdown against the ridiculously impressive Golden State Warriors.

Yeah, that’s probably not going to happen.

"There's no plan. I just want to get through today, see how I feel in the morning," Nash told ESPN on Thursday. "If I'm able to practice (Friday), see how I feel Saturday, we'll just see how it goes. But I think Christmas is probably the most realistic."

For what it’s worth, at least Nash is being smart about his return. He has waited this long, a few more days to ensure maximum recovery won’t hurt anyone.

"I think the tendency is to rush back, but you definitely have to be careful," he said. "I don't want to rush back for two games and then be out for another extended period of time."

How important is Nash to the Lakers’ success? Take it away, beleaguered head coach…

"I hope it's a turning point because we're not very good right now. Something better turn," D'Antoni said. "He's the best at it. Not taking anything away from anyone else, but when you're the best at something, it's going to run smoothly. Confidence builds up and you realize, 'Oh, that's why he wants me in that position' and then it works and it becomes a lot easier.' "

If Nash doesn’t return in time for the Knicks game, you should officially stop listening to anyone and everyone who claims to know when he is due back.

(Kudos ESPN)

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