NBA Rumors: Steve Nash Doesn’t Want to Play with Kobe Bryant, Lakers?

Ever since Pau Gasol arrived in 2008, the Los Angeles Lakers have sold their style as an inside-outside attack. A system where Gasol and Bynum hold down the middle, and Kobe Bryant does work on the perimeter.

And while the prospect of two seven-footers always has been and always will be alluring, it hasn’t exactly worked out as planned for L.A.

Sure, two of the last four titles have gone home with the Lakers, but have any of them come with Gasol and Bynum dominating the paint? No. The latter big was actually a non-factor in both the 2009 and 2010 NBA Finals because of injuries. Conversely, in the two years that Bynum has been around at full strength for the Lakers’ postseason runs, the squad has gotten embarrassed by the Dallas Mavericks and Oklahoma City Thunder.

The two bigs approach doesn’t work – plain and simple. And management realizes that the two bigs approach doesn’t work. That’s why the powers that be tried to trade Gasol in that botched three-team deal for Chris Paul, and that’s why getting a guy like Deron Williams would be huge for all involved. Again: the two bigs approach doesn’t work. You need one big and a point.

Because everyone realizes that the Lakers desperately need an elite one guard to run the offense, Steve Nash’s name has come up on more than one occasion. In theory, he’s the perfect candidate to fill L.A.’s void because he’s at that juncture in his career where he’ll take a relatively paltry sum of money to chase a ring. (In theory.) Who better to ring chase with than Kobe Bryant and Co.?

According to Marc Stein, a lot of teams. Per ESPN:

Sources briefed on the matter told ESPN.com that the three teams with salary-cap space best positioned to make a credible run at the 38-year-old, at this early juncture, are Portland, Toronto and Brooklyn (should the Nets lose D-Will).

New York and Miami are also frequently mentioned as potential Nash destinations, but neither the Knicks nor the Heat have the requisite cap room to make a serious bid.

Also: CSNChicago.com reported Sunday that the Chicago Bulls intend to join the Knicks and Heat on the list of glamour teams that will take a long-shot run at Nash. You can go ahead and put Dallas in that club, too, should the Mavericks fail in their attempt to bring DFW-area native D-Will home.

Notice anyone missing from that list? Yup – the Lakers. If Nash had any interest whatsoever in playing for L.A., the news would be splashed all over the interwebs. He doesn’t. For whatever reason, be it Kobe or Mike Brown, this squad doesn't meet his qualifications.

Looks like Jim Buss and the gang will need to fill their hole at point guard with someone else.

(Kudos ESPN)

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