NBA Rumors: Sorry Nets and Lakers, Magic Not Looking to Trade Dwight Howard

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Given Dwight Howard’s own wishy-washiness on the topic of being traded from the Orlando Magic, you can’t really blame people within the organization for not knowing what's going to happen. But that doesn't make this whole mess any less of a pain in the you-know-what to deal with.

On Thursday, Chris Sheridan over at Sheridan Hoops reported that the Magic were finally ready to part ways with their hilariously unstable and chronically dissatisfied superstar.

Per the report:

I’ve already told you that Dwight Howard wants out of Orlando, and now I have another piece of info to report.

A plugged-in league source tells that the feeling is mutual, and Orlando is prepared to trade him sooner rather than later.

The source said that when Magic team president traveled to Michigan last weekend to speak in person with owner Rich DeVos, the conclusion was reached that not only was it time for Stan Van Gundy and Otis Smith to go, but Howard, too.

So that’s that. Time for the folks in Brooklyn and, to a lesser degree, Los Angeles to rejoice, right? Not so fast. A few hours after Sheridan passed on what his sources had told him about Howard’s future, Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel wrote this:

Two sources familiar with the Magic's thinking said a report Thursday by the website that the team has decided to trade Howard is not true.

The contradicting reports are to be expected, obviously. Barring someone actually speaking to ownership, nobody is going to know exactly what the decided upon course of action is. When you’re dealing with people who “have knowledge” of a team’s “thinking,” what you’re really dealing with is people who think they have knowledge of a team’s thinking. Hence the confusion.

Plus, don’t forget – right before this past year’s trade deadline, Howard himself managed to give contradicting answers on his future with the Magic several times over a 48-hour span. Not sources close to Howard, but Howard himself. It was amazing and excruciatingly awkward all at the same time.

One way or another, it’s hard to imagine that a catastrophe that’s been at least one year in the making will get resolved before the playoffs wrap up. During the summer we’ll likely get our answer on what the Magic will do but, until then, it’s all speculation.

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