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NBA Rumors: Rockets Considering Trading Jeremy Lin, Omer Asik to Mavericks or Blazers?

The Houston Rockets are 11-5 through 16 games, and the Portland Trail Blazers are 13-3. Common sense says that, given how well both teams are performing right now, neither of them should be looking to rock the boat with a messy, style-changing trade. And yet, according to reports, that’s exactly what is going on.

It is no secret that the Rockets are looking to move unhappy big man, Omer Asik. Ever since the arrival of Dwight Howard, the 27-year-old has been dissatisfied with his role and looking for a way out. Jeremy Lin, 25, has been an absolute stud for Houston thus far this year, but everyone knows that Daryl Morey may need to move him in order to get good value for Asik.

According to Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News, the Blazers are reportedly chalking up their hot start to a “pillow-soft schedule,” and thus looking to upgrade before they hit some inevitable bumps in the road. Apparently they’re willing to part ways with Robin Lopez in return for Asik, but the Rockets want more.

Earlier this week, a rumor surfaced that the Dallas Mavericks may want to jump into the fray with a Shawn Marion and Shane Larkin-for-Asik proposal. That is unlikely to pique Morey’s interest, though.

More likely than not, the final deal for Asik, and let’s face it, him getting dealt at this point seems inevitable, will involve three teams. If it does involve three teams, it isn’t inconceivable that the Boston Celtics work themselves into the equation. They could use a point guard like Lin, and sending Rajon Rondo to Houston would be the ‘fair value’ acquisition that Morey would want in return for losing Asik and Lin.

Trade talks won’t heat up until Dec. 15 when players who were signed this summer become available to be dealt, so until then, prepare for a whole lot of gossip and very little in the way of action.


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