NBA Rumors: Rockets Considering Trading Jeremy Lin, Omer Asik to 76ers?


The Houston Rockets have made it no secret that they are looking to make a big trade. The Philadelphia 76ers started this season off extremely impressively, but have since fallen to 7-15 through 22 games. With Houston being a championship contender and Philly being a team looking to rebuild, could there be a trade in the  works between the two?

According to Marc Stein of ESPN, maybe. In a recent report, he insisted that “the notion that the Sixers are a viable destination for (Omer) Asik is increasingly making the rounds." Apparently, the fact that Sam Hinkie likes Asik, coupled with Thaddeus Young being a piece that the Rockets covet, has made Philly a kind of, sort of frontrunner in the Asik Sweepstakes.

The problem with this deal is that it makes very little sense for the Sixers. Why would they give up Young, even if he is in the final year of his deal, for a guy with career averages of five points and seven rebounds? Last year, with no one taking touches or space in the middle away from him, Asik averaged 10 points and 11 rebounds per game. If that’s his peak, is this deal worth it? What about when you take into account the fact that Nerlens Noel will make his triumphant debut next year?

What would really put this deal over the top for Philly is the inclusion of Jeremy Lin. Although Lin has been a fantastic player for Houston this year, it’s hard to see a scenario where Daryl Morey sees his as untouchable. And a package of Asik plus Lin suddenly becomes a lot more impressive.

The only real problem with it is that, Philly, unlike say the Boston Celtics who would have to give up Rajon Rondo in the trade, already have a great point guard. So they don’t really need Lin. Before the season started and everyone knew how good Michael-Carter Williams was, this deal would’ve made more sense. Now, however, not so much.


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