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NBA Rumors: Rockets, Celtics Working on Jeremy Lin Trade?

All summer long it seemed like a foregone conclusion that the Houston Rockets would trade Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik. The addition of Dwight Howard made the latter extremely expendable, and he realized it almost immediately. A day after Houston signed Howard, numerous sources reported that Asik had demanded to be moved. Along the same lines, Lin’s inability to mesh with the Rockets’ starting lineup last year made him seem like a prime candidate to get dealt, too.

As the summer progressed and it became apparent that there was no trade in the cards for Asik or Lin, people sort of dropped the matter. Lin eventually got moved to the bench, where he instantly become an extremely valuable contributor, and Asik seemed to adjust relatively well to his new circumstances. He obviously wasn’t happy about everything, but he seemed less pouty about it.

This week, however, Frank Isola of the New York Daily News dropped something of a bombshell. According to him, there is a possibility that the Boston Celtics would be interested in trading Rajon Rondo to Houston in return for a package featuring Asik, Lin and some other spare parts.

You will recall, earlier this summer, this is one of the trade options we also thought was extremely realistic.

The only thing that’s really changed since earlier this summer is how well Lin has adjusted to his Sixth Man status. That being said, if you have the opportunity to bring in a Rondo, and all you have to give up for that is a backup point guard and an unhappy, nonessential big man, it’s hard to say no to that swap.

Will this actually happen? Time will tell. It’s unlikely that any major trades will occur until Dec. 15 when all the guys who signed this summer become free agents. If at that point the Rockets feel like they need Rondo, then it could. If they’re rolling, then they’ll probably opt not to rock the boat.


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