NBA Rumors: Ray Allen Ditching Celtics, Joining Heat

This early report doesn't sound so foolish anymore.

Miami Heat owner Micky Arison tweeted it himself this time: Ray Allen has joined the Miami Heat. And it happened to be for less money, too. The Celtics had offered him, 2 years, $12 million to stay... but Allen took a three-year deal that's not even worth $10 million from Miami.

It's really hard to blame Allen for this. Looking from his point of view, the Celtics dangled him as trade bait the last couple of years. He lost his starting job to Avery Bradley before getting it back because of an injury to Bradley. I can see why he'd be offended. And with numerous reports that he and Rajon Rondo didn't get along, Allen's return didn't seem likely. While most of us were not in that locker room, reporters like Jackie MacMullan and Chris Mannix have it on good record that Allen and Rondo weren't exactly... the best of friends.

Adrian Wojnarowski from Yahoo mentioned that it's not like they openly feuded, but Rondo did seem to be a source of irritation for Allen and it had become too much to handle.

Personally, I see where Ray is coming from. I mean, don't we always know someone that we thought of as a friend but, in reality, irritated us for years before it finally reached a breaking point? That's what seemingly happened here. Since Ray became a free agent, he used the chance to escape that environment that was becoming more of a problem than a haven. And he is at a place where he feels he is wanted: Miami.

While Miami really needs more of an interior presence, it doesn't hurt for the Heat to have one more outside shooter in their roster (and in the event that James Jones or Mike Miller retires, then this can only help them). And it happens to be the all-time leader in 3-point field goals. His clockwork jumper is still among the best in the game. And if LeBron James and Dwyane Wade get double-teamed, they know who to look for. There is no better bailout than Ray Allen.

Sure, Allen was a great Celtic; his number may even be in the rafters at some point. But now, Allen will look at the Celtics as his main foe. And I'm pretty sure he would like nothing more than to make a game-winning three against his former teammates.

The defending champions just got better.

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