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NBA Rumors: O.J. Mayo to Mavericks; Where Do Bulls Go from Here?

Well Bulls fans ... we have yet another let down.

Here is what O.J. Mayo tweeted last night: "I will be signing with dallas! #Mavsnation"

With Mayo headed to the Mavericks, Kyle Korver traded, Ronnie Brewer and C.J. Watson gonzo, the Bulls' backcourt looks awful thin for next season.

With Derrick Rose sidelined for most of the season, the for sure guards on the roster next season are Marquis Teague, Kirk Hinrich, Rip Hamilton and Jimmy Butler. Hamilton is aging, Hinrich is aging and often injured, Teague's a rook and Butler might as well be too. We don't have a back-up center or small forward at the moment which makes the team a rather small one.

There are sizeable holes all over this roster. The fates of John Lucas III and Brian Scalabrine have still yet to be determined but the word out of the Bulls' Camp is that neither player with be on the payroll next year.

With all of that hullabaloo above, we take a look into free agency to try to fill one of the many holes.

The thing?

They're aren't any "game changers out there."

The Bulls will still chase Courtney Lee who is reportedly Phoenix's new main target. Not to mention the Celtics have been hot on his trail since news broke about Avery Bradley being out for almost half the of the upcoming season.

Names like Delonte West, Grant Hill, Martell Webster and Johnny Flynn all come to mind as possible fits. However, Hill and West are both expected to return to their teams or join a contender, especially Hill. And let's be honest the Bulls are not a contender anymore.

The front office continues to sway back and forth between matching the offer sheet for Omer Asik. It was reported over three days ago that they will match and retain the 7-foot Turkish center, but now people are saying he's outta town.

Sad reality has begun to sink in for Bulls fans. As we all know they're hasn't been anything really to be excited about this offseason outside of Teague's drafting. And to my knowledge, the only people hunky-dory with Hinrich's return are aspiring Luvabulls and fan girls.

It really is slim pickins for the Bulls as they scour free agency for the diamond in the rough or a blatant steal. Right now though, the Bulls need to focus on fielding a 12-man roster. Hopefully the Summer League will reveal some goodies for us and we can find a nice fit there. Hopefully.

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