NBA Rumors: Is Mike Brown Happy with the Lakers Offense?


The Los Angeles Lakers have played 10 games so far this season. They have won exactly zero of those games. Nobody is going to sound the alarm after two regular season outings, obviously, but there is no denying that this squad needs to make some changes.

No team with Steve Nash running the point should be turning the ball over this much. Similarly, no team with Dwight Howard in the middle should be allowing an injury-ravaged Dallas Mavericks unit and then middling Portland Trail Blazers group run up the score the way both teams have over the past two nights. Finally, no team with Kobe Bryant at the helm should lose both of its highly-anticipated debut outings.

Something needs to change. According to head coach Mike Brown, though, that something is not the offense.   

"Every time down the floor — and if they want to, they can call Steve Nash and ask him — Steve Nash has the right to play pick-and-roll if he wants to," Brown told reporters on Wednesday (via the Los Angeles Times).

"He has said it himself that he doesn't feel like he's as burdened because he doesn't have to make every play for everybody all the time with what we're trying to do. He can give it up and still have a chance to get it back. He's said that he feels as fresh as he's ever felt in his career because he doesn't feel the pressure of making every single play."

He insisted that the offense would be fine. Eventually.

"We could spread the floor and play pick-and-roll all the time ... but it will make us one-dimensional," he said. "And when we're in seven-game playoff series, for sure the later we get into the playoffs, they'll be able to take us out of the offense because we'll be so one-dimensional. What we're trying to do, we're trying to eliminate that and be hard to guard becaause it's a read-based offense."

Is Brown right to be so laissez faire about his team’s offensive struggles? Time will tell. But things look pretty bad right now.

(Kudos Los Angeles Times)

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