NBA Rumors: Michael Beasley to Lakers?


It’s not particularly difficult to earn a second chance in the NBA. So long as you have a lot of talent and haven’t murdered anyone since entering the league, more likely than not, you’ll be able to secure another shot at proving that you belong just on the strength of the expectations folks originally had for you.

When Michael Beasley went from the Miami Heat to Minnesota Timberwolves, everyone who thought he had Kevin Durant-type potential was willing to forgive past indiscretions. Similarly, when he landed with the Phoenix Suns, nearly everyone gave him the benefit of the doubt, despite the fact that there was a clear pattern emerging.

Unfortunately, Beasley has a knack for not rewarding folks who have faith in him. Even though he seemingly had everything he needed to turn his career around in Phoenix, the former Big 12 Player of the Year averaged career lows last season. He then followed that up with another marijuana arrest about a month ago.

On Tuesday, Suns cut Beasley.

"The Suns were devoted to Michael Beasley's success in Phoenix," Suns president of basketball operations Lon Babby said in a statement. "However, it is essential that we demand the highest standards of personal and professional conduct as we develop a championship culture. Today's action reflects our commitment to those standards."

Almost as soon as Phoenix got rid of him, fans began to link Beasley to the Lakers. It’s sort of understandable given how questionable L.A.’s talent is next year and the interest Mitch Kupchak has had in him over the past few years, but at the same time, it’s based purely on fan speculation. Nobody, absolutely nobody from the Lakers has indicated that they have any interest in Beasley anymore

Furthermore, late Tuesday evening, the L.A. released a statement announcing they signed Shawne Williams. For those of you who have forgotten, Williams is basically Beasley – just not as good. That, coupled with the lack of money the Lakers have available at this point and the sort of dough Beasley can still command makes it unlikely that we’ll see him in purple and gold.

And again, just because it’s worth repeating: Nobody within the Lakers has expressed any interest in Beasley as of late. Folks are strictly going off the fact that Kupchak nearly traded for him a couple of times in the past, and the fact that roster is so thin when it comes to recognizable players.


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