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NBA Rumors: LeBron James Maybe Searching For A New Team

The future for LeBron James once shined brightly. After LeBron joined Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade in Miami, a new NBA powerhouse was created. The Heat trio wasted no time finding their way to the NBA finals in their first year together, although ultimately losing.

Their next couple attempts were triumphant, winning the championship in 2012 and 2013. Things looked good for LeBron James and the Heat going into this year’s NBA finals against the San Antonio Spurs. Until they lost.

Many analysts and reporters have speculated that LeBron will leave the Heat in search of another championship contender. Now Miami must concern themselves with that reality.  

Although LeBron has not spoken publicly about the situation, a few teams are being considered as good fits for him.

Of course, LeBron may simply stay in Miami. While with the Heat, LeBron has reached the finals every year and has won twice. Although Miami lost to the Spurs this year, they have an entire off-season to add new players to the team and fix the weakest areas of their game.

LeBron has established himself in Miami and may not find a reason to leave right now.

The Chicago Bulls have also been considered a landing spot for LeBron. In a move to Chicago, LeBron would play with Derrick Rose. Rose is an upgrade in point guard when compared to the players James plays with in Miami. Furthermore, LeBron would have a great rim protector in Joakim Noah, the winner of this year’s Defensive Player of the Year award.

In order to create room for LeBron, the Bulls would have to consider moving a few players like Carlos Boozer. Yet, most teams would probably say LeBron is worth it.

Out west, the Los Angeles Lakers are considered a candidate for James. With Kobe Bryant and a number of other players out due to injury this past season, the Lakers were in total disarray. Los Angeles is ready to refocus. What better way to do so than by bringing LeBron into the fold?

With Kobe and LeBron, Lakers would have a solid base to build. LeBron would eventually take Kobe’s place as the face of the franchise and lead the team once Bryant retires.

Lastly, and not as likely, LeBron will consider moving back home to the Cleveland Cavaliers. With rising star point guard Kyrie Irvin and the first pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, the Cavaliers are in an interesting situation. The Cavs may strategically use their pick in order to convince LeBron to return.

After all, LeBron once made the Cavaliers a championship contender and he can surely do it again.

Any team instantly becomes better with LeBron James on the court. Now, LeBron must decide if he wants to keep his talents in South Beach, or take them elsewhere. 


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