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NBA Rumors: Lakers, Rockets, Nets, Cavaliers Expect Magic to Trade Dwight Howard This Week?

The Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets, Brooklyn Nets and Cleveland Cavaliers, all of the teams who are caught in the Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard web, could be in for a surprise this week.

That’s what one report is saying, anyway.

After all of the gossip and endless speculation we’ve heard over the last however many months, Dwight Howard is no closer to getting traded now than he was a week ago, a month ago, or a year ago.

What once appeared to be an inevitable summertime transaction is now in very serious doubt of even happening before January. And yet, despite all of the regular build-ups and subsequent letdowns, another rumor has begun making the rounds.

Are you a glutton for punishment? As reported by Sam Amico of Fox Sports:

With Dwight Howard reiterating his wish to be traded, multiple league sources predict  the Orlando Magic will again step up efforts to find their All-Star center a new team.

Several of those sources told FOX Sports Ohio on Saturday they believe Howard could be traded by the end of next week.


While some sources said the Magic could possibly hold on to Howard until the February trading deadline, the majority seem to think the team will again try working the phones to see what develops.

The Magic hired Jacque Vaughn as their new coach Saturday — and may want to act quickly in putting together a roster that doesn't include the circus-like atmosphere created by the Howard saga, sources said.

So, what does all that mean? A whole lot of nothing. We’ve heard countless reports that made the Howard trade seem imminent. It isn’t.

Here's the bottom line: Orlando isn’t happy with the deals they’ve been offered thus far, and they’re hoping that by waiting it out until the trade deadline, they’ll be able to squeeze a little more out of the Nets than what they could have if the trade had gone down a few weeks ago.

The fact of the matter is, Brooklyn can’t make a trade for another six months. (Because that's when Brook Lopez can be moved again.) The Lakers refuse to accept the Magic’s bad salaries. Orlando isn’t particularly enamored with Houston’s package, and Dwight doesn’t want to go there. The Cavaliers are interested in Andrew Bynum, but not enough so to do anything super drastic that would lock this deal up for L.A.

And all of that takes us back to square one.

Don’t hold your breath, folks.

(Kudos Fox Sports)

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