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NBA Rumors: Is Lakers Forward Antawn Jamison Hoping to Return to the Bobcats?

Is Antawn Jamison already plotting his way out of Los Angeles? Maybe.

Despite the fact that we are only 26 games into an 82-game season, it is worth remembering that the Lakers have already had three different coaches. Each of those coaches modified the ways in which they utilized their reserves.

In the case of Mike Brown, Jamison was supposed to be his primary scorer off the bench; unfortunately, Jamison couldn’t score effectively in Brown’s sets. When Brown was kicked to the curb and Bernie Bickerstaff stepped in, because he mostly just ran a simplified version of Brown's system, Jamison's production continued to disappoint.

When Mike D’Antoni arrived on the scene, it looked as though Jamison had finally found his ideal scenario. He seemed like a great fit for the run-and-gun style that D’Antoni presumably envisioned, and over the span of a few games, he played extremely well. Well enough to take Pau Gasol’s place late in game. But then, after scoring 15 or more points in three out of four outings, he fell out of favor with D’Antoni, too.

Even though he has mostly just been the victim of screwed up circumstances and coaches who have no idea what they’re doing, Jamison has taken everything in stride. On Tuesday, before the Lakers faced the Bobcats, he spoke to the Charlotte Observer regarding why he came to the Lakers and what he sees in his future.

On his reason for coming to Los Angeles:

“There are guys who have years and years of opportunity to win. I just wanted one year,” Jamison said. “Whether you’re on the bench, whether you start, whether you never got off the bench, I just wanted a real opportunity.”

On whether he could see himself returning to Charlotte or not:

“If they still want me back home, I’d sure listen.” Jamison said. “I have another couple of years in this body. If they want me, I’d have no reservations about putting on a Bobcats uniform.”

Jamison joined the Lakers because he wanted to win a title. It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. It certainly wouldn’t be shocking to see him go back to playing for the highest bidder once this little experiment wraps up.

(Kudos Charlotte Observer)

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