NBA Rumors: Lakers Don’t Know When Steve Nash Will Return?


When Steve Nash initially suffered a fractured fibula, his estimated return time was something like a week. That injury occurred almost three weeks ago. Since it happened, the Los Angeles Lakers have managed to fire Mike Brown, flirt with Phil Jackson, and ultimately hire his old Phoenix Suns coach, Mike D’Antoni. Plus, they’ve put together a nifty little winning streak – against admittedly weak competition.

The point is, though, Nash has been out for a while. And going by what D’Antoni said on Tuesday night, it doesn’t sound like the Lakers are expecting him back any time soon.

"He's coming along," D'Antoni said (via the O.C. Register). "I don't think we have a timetable. He's feeling some nerve endings - tingling - and when those go away, he'll start ramping it up and he will be fine.

"Whether it's tomorrow or next week or next month, we'll take our time and eventually he will be there. When he does get there, I know that in an hour and half he will have the offense down running like a clock."

At a certain point, this becomes more than just the little thing that the Lakers have been trying to pass it off as. Aside from his back problems, Nash has never been an injury-plagued guy. While that’s sort of comforting in one way, it’s also troubling in the fact that if he is sitting down this long, there has to be a reason.

Keep an eye on this situation over the next two weeks. If Nash’s return continues to be delayed, the Lakers could find themselves in serious trouble.  (Mind you, Nash is currently signed to a longer deal with the Lakers than Kobe Bryant.)

(Kudos O.C. Register)

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