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NBA Rumors: Lakers Considering Trading Pau Gasol for Iman Shumpert, Tyson Chandler?

The Los Angeles Lakers have reached out to the New York Knicks regarding a possible trade for Iman Shumpert.

Shumpert, 23, has always been regarded as the one piece that New York could build around for the future. Of course, because the Knicks are the Knicks, they opted not to do that. Management put together a roster built for the now, and a roster built for the now doesn’t have much to offer for a guy fresh out of school with his whole career ahead of him. The reality is that New York should’ve moved Shumpert a long time ago, and they likely would have gotten far more for him then than they will now that he has established a reputation for being somewhat injury prone.

According to ESPN, the Lakers have reportedly reached out to Knicks brass about a possible deal for Shumpert. Details regarding what L.A. would offer in return are scarce, but presumably Chris Kaman or Pau Gasol would need to be involved. New York needs bigs right now, no matter how ineffective they are.

The same report also noted that L.A. may have interest in Tyson Chandler. Thus far, New York has expressed no desire to move Chandler. And even if they did decide to trade him, it’s hard to imagine that anything the Lakers put together, even if it involves Gasol, will be enough to net both Shumpert and Chandler.

On the Lakers’ end, this deal is a no-brainer. If they can get a young guard and defensive anchor for the price of Gasol and spare parts, they will do it. The only drawback is that both Shumpert and Chandler are a bit injury prone; given the Lakers’ alternatives at this point, though, that’s probably a risk they are willing to take.

Will this deal ultimately materialize? Probably not. The Lakers just don’t have enough assets to pique New York’s interest.


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