NBA Rumors: Lakers, Cavaliers, Magic Dwight Howard Trade Status Update

The proposed three-team trade between the Los Angeles Lakers, Cleveland Cavaliers and Orlando Magic that would have sent Dwight Howard to L.A. and Andrew Bynum to Cleveland isn’t going to happen, apparently.

Early Sunday morning, reports surfaced that the three aforementioned squads were tinkering with a deal that would leave L.A. and Cleveland with their desired big men, and Orlando with all of the cap space and draft picks they could ever want. This was sold (in some corners, at least) as a “counter” to the massive offer that the Houston Rockets have reportedly given Orlando comprised of cap relief and picks.

Well, it seems there is no merit to that proposed three-team swap. Via Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal:

Just to reiterate from late last night, league source has confirmed no merit to #Cavs, Lakers and Magic 3-way trade.

— Jason Lloyd (@JasonLloydABJ) July 15, 2012

We’re currently at a standstill as it pertains to Howard. The Magic are very cautiously, very slowly reviewing all of the offers they have on the table, and everyone else is sort of in limbo as they await a decision.

The Lakers, Rockets, Atlanta Hawks and God knows who else all have a vested interest in getting this matter resolved as quickly as possibly (certain players, like Devin Ebanks for instance, haven’t even signed their new deals because of how up in the air everything is), but Orlando doesn’t see the benefit in rushing out a decision.

Really, the far more intriguing aspect of this whole Dwight Howard Mess now is the ramifications it has on all involved. Will this mess up the Lakers’ relationship with Bynum? Will this hinder the Cavs’ urgency to make certain moves? Will this impact which free agents and/or trades the Rockets pursue? Will this alter the Hawks’ rebuilding strategy?

At this point, setting a deadline for when Howard gets moved seems ridiculous. Frankly, it wouldn’t even be all that shocking if he were to start next season in a Magic uniform. It’s unlikely, sure, but given everything we’ve seen thus far – it wouldn’t be shocking at all.

Stay tuned, this situation is as fluid as it ever was.

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(Kudos Jason Lloyd)

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