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NBA Rumors Knicks, Nuggets Discussing a Huge Trade?

The New York Knicks have been looking to trade Iman Shumpert ever since they realized how talented he was, and apparently they have finally found a potential taker in the Denver Nuggets.

Shumpert, 23, is a very good basketball player. He is far and away the Knicks’ best defensive player not named Tyson Chandler, and if you have a young team he's definitely a piece you want on it. Unfortunately, the Knicks don’t have a young team. They have an old team and they’re built to win in the now. That’s why Shumpert has so frequently been the subject of trade speculation, and why he probably will end up getting moved this year.

According to ESPN, New York and Denver brass are currently discussing a deal that would land Kenneth Faried with the Knicks and Shumpert with the Nuggets. The deal makes sense, sort of, given how porous the Knicks’ big man situation is without Chandler.

Chandler, New York’s most reliable defensive presence, is out for at least a month with a fractured fibula.

The real question is whether all involved would be satisfied with a trade more or less built on Shumpert and Faried swapping roles. The value of both players’ varies depending on who you talk to.

If this deal is going to get done, it will get done sooner rather than later. The longer gossip and speculation drags on, the less likely a trade becomes. 


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