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NBA Rumors: Knicks Considering Trading Amare Stoudemire to Celtics for Gerald Wallace, Courtney Lee?

The New York Knicks and Boston Celtics are two teams that are heading in the same direction. At this point, the only difference is what each franchise sees as a viable option for course correction. Whereas the Celtics plan to free up some cap space and rebuild through the draft, the Knicks are in a mad scramble to retain Carmelo Anthony and add big time players around him. Basically, they’re trying to rebuild on the fly, as they have been for the past 20 years, while Boston is prepared to take the scenic route to their intended destination.

Early this week, rumors began to circulate that the Knicks were trying to acquire Rajon Rondo in return for Iman Shumpert, Raymond Felton and Amare Stoudemire. That is a laughable package for one of the league’s five best point guards, obviously, so nobody took it particularly seriously.

Surely enough, a few days later, ESPN NBA guru Chris Broussard reported that there is no way Boston would part with Rondo in return for the garbage that New York could offer.

For all the rumors about Rondo getting dealt, it’s worth remembering that he is still only 27. The Celtics are a young team looking to rebuild. You dispatch old players when you’re in that process, not guys with their whole careers ahead of them. It makes far more sense for Danny Ainge to build around Rondo than trade him away for cap space that he can later try to use to get another Rondo.  

A few days ago, Broussard reported that the Celtics were interested in dealing with New York – just not for Rondo. According to him, they are considering absorbing Stoudemire in return for the Knicks taking Gerald Wallace and/or Courtney Lee off their hands. The latter is owed $5.2 million this year, 5.4 million next year, and $5.6 million the year after that; the former is owed $10.2 million for each of the next three years.

Stoudemire, for what it’s worth, is owed $21.7 million this year and $23.4 million next.

The reason why this deal appears unlikely is because it doesn’t really make sense for New York. Why would they want Wallace and/or Lee? Neither player is enough of a difference-maker to keep Anthony with the ballclub, and all they would be doing is tying up money for the next three years. Then again, it’s a move is reminiscent of the ones Isiah Thomas used to make all the time, with James Dolan’s blessing, so who knows.

While C's not moving Rondo, they would take back Amare in deal n which they could unload longer deals of Gerald Wallace &/or Courtney Lee

— Chris Broussard (@Chris_Broussard) November 18, 2013

Sources: Right now, Celtics have every intention of keeping Rondo & seeing if they can build around him.

— Chris Broussard (@Chris_Broussard) November 18, 2013


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