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NBA Rumors: Kidd to Knicks, Bass Stays with Celtics, Redick Stays with Magic and More

More movement!

*Brandon Bass stays with Boston for 3 years, $20 million*
Bass was good for the Celtics last year. He was a good midrange jumper and was good for 12.5 points and 6.2 boards. He could be better defensively but he has certainly become a better role player for them than the guy that they traded for Bass, Glen "Big Baby" Davis.

And with this being a three-year contract along with Garnett, it feels like the Celtics think their window is about that long for a title.

*Orlando will pick up J.J. Redick's option worth $6 million*
Not only is Jameer Nelson coming back but so is Redick. Redick averaged 11.6 points per game last season as a sometimes-starter and shot a career-high 41.8 percent from behind the arc. He'll give Orlando some steady minutes again next season... though, of course, with the Dwight Howard situation, the Magic are kind of in limbo at the moment.

*Jason Kidd agrees to sign with New York for three years*
In a stunning development, Kidd turned around and decided to go to the Knicks. The Mavs and Kidd were close to a deal earlier today but we don't really know what happened. Kidd is 39 years old and has become a spot-up shooter at this point of his career. He is expected to come off the bench and mentor Jeremy Lin, who is mulling a four-year, $31 million offer from the Houston Rockets that was deemed... not enough. In any case, I have no idea what the Mavericks are going to do now. Is Rick Carlisle going to have to come out of retirement? Are the Mavs ManiAACs going to be added to the roster?

The NBA has not slowed down in terms of player movement. My goodness.

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