NBA Rumors: Josh Smith to Celtics or Bucks, Kevin Garnett to Clippers, Eric Gordon to Warriors and More

It’s always difficult to separate fact from fiction when you are within a week of the NBA trade deadline, but that is mostly because team executives are leaking every possible deal to the media in an effort to score points for later. The floating of prospective deals does absolutely nothing to impact trades either way, but every report does massive traffic for hoops writers who will then reward executives with more favorable stories down the line.

The reality as it pertains to trade rumors is this: almost none will actually happen, but all have at least a kernel of truth to them. If a guy is being mentioned in a potential deal, it’s because someone actually brought the idea up. Very few are purposely fabricated.

With all of that in mind, there have been a lot of big names whispered about recently. Everyone from Josh Smith to Kevin Garnett to Eric Gordon has been linked to negotiations of some sort over the past few days.

Here is a rundown of all the latest talk:

Kevin Garnett to the Clippers: “The Boston Celtics can discuss a trade with the Los Angeles Clippers or any other NBA team all they want, but Kevin Garnett says it won't matter. Asked Saturday if there was any circumstance or team that could entice him to give up his no-trade clause and leave Boston, Garnett said, ‘No.’” [Yahoo! Sports]

Eric Bledsoe to Jazz: “Sources with knowledge of the situation told ESPN.com late Saturday there is a level of mutual interest between the Clippers and Utah Jazz in exploring a deal that would feature Bledsoe as the headliner in a trade package for Jazz forward Paul Millsap.” [ESPN]

Eric Gordon to Warriors: “The Warriors like Eric Gordon's talent. What they don't like is his injury history, especially the cartilage damage in his knee, especially already having two injury-prone starters. And they don't like his huge contract.... So, basically, there are no talks for Eric Gordon. At least none with the Warriors involved. At least not now.” [Marcus Thompson]

Josh Smith to Bucks: “The Bucks are in position to offer the Hawks as good of a deal as anyone for Smith, especially if Jennings or Ellis is involved.” [CBS]

Josh Smith to Celtics: “Boston is salivating over Atlanta forward Josh Smith and would be receptive to unloading Brandon Bass and Jeff Green to obtain him.” [Journal Times]

Will any of these deals actually happen? We’ll find out for sure within the next four days.

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