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NBA Rumors: Jimmer Fredette to the Chicago Bulls?

As I was chilling earlier today shifting between tuning into NBA TV and reading stuff on Bleacher Report and, I came across an interesting idea brought up on B/R.

That idea?

Jimmer Fredette getting paired up in the backcourt with Derrick Rose.

The author of the article, David Daniels, writes, "Ronnie Brewer and Kyle Korver are gone. Richard Hamilton was never the long-term answer, and neither is Kirk Hinrich. Chicago needs to find Derrick Rose a future backcourt partner. Fredette is a long-shot for the role, but he definitely has the potential to pull it off. And really, who else is a better, realistic option for the Bulls? Unless they blow up their roster, they’ll never find a truly lethal wing scorer. Right now, Jimmer isn't that guy, but he could be, and with D-Rose still out, they don’t have anything to lose if the price is right."

The addition of Jimmer alongside Derrick would be potent. Both compliment eachother very well. But, let's face it, Jimmer isn't a game-changing title contending caliber player, yet. He very well could end up becoming something similar to Steve Nash, Steph Curry, or Deron Williams. However, something tells me he's got Luke Ridnour written all over him. Which in reality, isn't all that bad. He can shoot the lights out of the ball and score in bunches. But at 6-foot-2, it's hard(er) to be an NBA shooting guard -- something he's more affective at than anything.

This is an intriguing idea and move. One that could be made if newly drafted Marquis Teague doesn't work out.

Tell us what you think!

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