NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin to Rockets or Knicks, Nicolas Batum to Wolves or Blazers and More

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The NBA never takes a day off.

*Brandon Roy unretires to go to Minnesota for 2 years, $10 million*
Yes, the Wolves need a wing player and they're going to give it a shot with a guy whose knees ARE shot. Roy is going to give this NBA comeback a try and if we see even a smidge of what he used to do in Portland, then that's awesome.

I'm happy that he's coming back but I also fear that this isn't going to end well. Still, better to try than not and regret it later, right? I just hope that he stays healthy.

*Andre Miller agrees to re-sign with Denver for 3 years*
Andre Miller and his slow-motion, rec league game will be with Denver until he hangs it up. He's 36 now and I don't really see him playing any longer than his last contract with the Nuggets. You know what you're getting with Miller: tricky and crafty veteran moves around the basket and perfect lob passes to high-fliers and big men.

He's likely not going to get a ring in his career unless Denver suddenly gets a superstar out of nowhere. So let's appreciate his old man game until he retires. Well, Clipper fans exempted.

*Philadelphia uses amnesty clause on Elton Brand and agrees to terms with Nick Young for 1 year, $6 million*
It's surprising that they're going to dump Brand's $18 million expiring contract. But this was their only way to sign Mr. Swagy P. Nick Young became expendable after the Jamal Crawford acquisition by the Clippers. The Sixers need someone that can fill it up with Lou Williams' potential leaving.

I'm not saying this is the right move but it'll sure be fun to watch Nick Young chuck away.

As for Brand? Teams under the cap can bid for his services (Houston, Dallas, Charlotte, etc.). If no one bids for him, he is a free agent and can go wherever he pleases.

*Marreese Speights stays with Memphis for 2 years*
The deal is presumed to be a total of $8 million. Nevertheless, he was good in place of an injured Zach Randolph. He mostly started for the Grizzlies last season, averaging 8.8 points and 6.2 boards. It's a good move by Memphis, especially since it was only for that price.

*Nicolas Batum agrees to 4-year, $45 million offer sheet with Minnesota*
The Wolves want all them wings and the spry and long Batum would definitely answer their needs in that position, especially on the defensive end. Portland has mentioned they would match any offer no matter what. And good grief, I think that number is high for Batum. More power to him for getting that cash, though.

*Jeremy Lin agrees to 4-year, $29 million offer sheet with Houston*
Houston trades Lowry and lets Dragic go so they went after Plan E or Plan F... and this is probably going to be futile, too. But they're making New York pay as this Lin offer sheet, like Omer Asik's, is backloaded. Still, Jeremy Lin makes James Dolan a lot of money. It's not just merchandise and ticket sales but sponsors from both domestic and international.

As far as basketball skill goes, which many have seemed to ignore, it'll be an adjustment as Lin is the kind of player that NEEDS the ball in his hands to thrive. This is the reason why Jason Kidd was signed; it was to help out Lin as they hand the keys of the offense to him. Well, whatever that offense may be. It's still a bit of a mismatch out there with Mike Woodson coaching. It's going to be interesting how Lin fits in. There's no doubt he can play; it's just a matter of HOW the offense is going to go.


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