NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin to Rockets, Grant Hill to Clippers, Ramon Sessions to Bobcats and More

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New York will not match Houston's offer for Jeremy Lin

Plot twist! The Knicks have reportedly decided NOT TO MATCH the ridiculous "poison pill" offer sheet that Houston made for Jeremy Lin. I get that the third year (nearly $15 million) is pretty crazy and Carmelo Anthony is right in that regard. The Knicks still have a few hours to match it as of this writing but strong indications are that they are not going to.

But after the frivolous spending that James Dolan had done for way worse players for the Knicks, they decide that this is NOT the time to do it? The kid that has an unknown ceiling? At worst, a very good pick-and-roll point guard? And they even have two years to see how good he really is before that monster money year kicks in. PLUS... as an expiring contract, Jeremy Lin's deal is a valuable asset. Who wouldn't want to take $15 million off their salary the next year, right?

So now Knicks are stuck with a possibly out-of-shape Raymond Felton and an over-the-hill Jason Kidd, who had hoped to mentor Lin. Kidd is still serviceable but he'll only continue to decline and, well, Felton has seen better years and I don't expect any bounce-back seasons here with Mike D'Antoni laughing his ass off somewhere.

Meanwhile, the Rockets get a starting point guard with Goran Dragic and Kyle Lowry gone. Houston does have some pick-and-roll play so Lin will be okay there. But imagine if the Rockets got Dwight Howard. Suddenly, that would be a devastating pick-and-roll combo... and Lin's likeability might even turn Dwight Howard face (sorry, I can't help on the wrestling vernacular).

Grant Hill agrees to terms with the Los Angeles Clippers

In ANOTHER plot twist, the guy that made a cameo appearance on Living Single chose to roll with the Clippers instead of the Heat, Thunder, Knicks, or Lakers. Steve Nash had clamored for his sometimes-BFF to go play with him in L.A. Well, Grant did go to L.A.; it's just not the team that Nash thought.

Grant Hill gives them stability at the 3 with Caron Butler manning the starting position. Plus he gives them much-needed defense. With Lamar Odom, Jamal Crawford, and Eric Bledsoe, this really makes the Clippers bench pretty damn lethal. Now if they can get another competent big man, look out.

Washington Wizards use the amnesty clause on Andray Blatche

At least, he's still a rich guy. He can even spell his name wrong if he wants to. He'll be fine.

Image placeholder title

Basketball-wise? I don't think anyone's bidding on him. Someone will take a chance for him on the minimum later.

Dallas agrees to multi-year deal with O.J. Mayo

After a slow start, Dallas came up big at the end with Chris Kaman, Darren Collison, Elton Brand, and, now, O.J. Mayo. Mayo is likely to start since JET Terry has left for Boston.

He mentioned on Twitter that Jae Crowder plans to wear #32 and Roddy Beaubois took his second choice of #3. I tried to suggest him new numbers but he doesn't want to get creative with it.

New Jersey agrees to 2-year, $24 million deal with Kris Humphries

Kris Humphries is a very good rebounder. He's a decent scorer. He's almost an auto-double-double.


Kardashians sure know how to make their money. Or, at least, someone that had to with that family.

At least, Brook Lopez has help on the boards again!

Charlotte agrees to 2-year, $10 million? deal with Ramon Sessions

To go from the Lakers to possibly the most woeful team in the league. Welcome back to mediocrity, Ramon.

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