NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin, Omer Asik to 76ers, Pelicans or Blazers?


Omer Asik’s decision to dump his old agent, Andy Miller, and sign with Arn Tellum of the Wasserman Media Group means that him getting traded by the Houston Rockets is inevitable. It also means that, with his trade value being at an all-time low right now, Daryl Morey will have to sweeten the deal somehow. That additional sweetener may end up having to be Jeremy Lin.

Asik, 27, has made it no secret that he wants out of Houston. And seeing as he is averaging just four points and seven rebounds this year, all the while remaining extremely pouty, the Rockets would be happy to oblige. The problem right now is that, according to at least one report, Morey wants a lot for his one-time prized free agent acquisition. And in a year where draft picks are worth more than they typically have been in recent memory, it’s unlikely that he’ll get anything of value for his disgruntled big man.

Lin, 25, has had a stellar 2013-14 campaign thus far. After everyone wondered if Linsanity was ancient history, the former Harvard standout bounced back strong this year – proving himself to be one of the league’s most valuable reserves. If the Rockets want to trade Asik and get something of value back, chances are teams will want Lin in return.

This week, Marc Stein of ESPN reported that the Philadelphia 76ers have interest in acquiring Asik. The problem, however, is that trading Thaddeus Young for Asik seems to be a ripoff if you’re Philly brass. Lin would be a solid throw-in, but unfortunately the Sixers already have a promising young point guard. They don’t need another. And Lin is best served starting on a team where he doesn’t have to share the ball with a possession-dominating two-guard – so the Sixers aren’t as ideal for him as say, the Boston Celtics, are.

Houston is said to be very interested in pairing Dwight Howard with Ryan Anderson, but thus far the New Orleans Pelicans have shown little interest in parting ways with him. Besides with Jrue Holiday at point, they don’t need Lin either. And with Eric Gordon boasting the 18th highest usage rate in the NBA, Lin likely would have found himself in a position eerily similar to the one he encountered in Houston beside James Harden.   

The Blazers were said to be interested in Asik for a bit, however, they are on a roll right now and it seems as though management doesn’t want to rock the boat.

Although these three destinations are the ones people are calling Asik’s likeliest landing spots, none of them make as much sense as the Celtics.   


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