NBA Rumors: Hawks Trading Joe Johnson to Nets for Jordan Farmar, Anthony Morrow and More

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So the Brooklyn Nets pulled off a huge trade with the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks have finally gained some flexibility with the shedding of Joe Johnson and his ridiculous contract. What did they receive in return?

Jordan Farmar, Anthony Morrow, Jordan Williams, Johan Petro, DeShawn Stevenson (through sign-and-trade), and a lottery-protected first rounder by way of the Rockets. Thank you to Nets Daily for this.

None of them scream All-Star but it was all about getting rid of the Johnson deal that pays him...

2012-13: $19.8 million.
2013-14: $21.5 million.
2014-15: $23.2 million.
2015-16: $24.9 million.

No wonder the Hawks couldn't improve and had to stay with the core that wasn't championship material.

For Mikhail Prokhorov, I'm sure this is not that huge of a deal. I bet spending $24.9 million for him is a regular Friday night with the ladies.

With Joe Johnson, they have a legit 2-guard that can create his own shot. But with a great point guard by his side, he'll be even deadlier. He'll finally have someone that can create for him. Never mind his huge contract; Joe Johnson can play. He's not a six-time All-Star for nothing.

Meanwhile, as I write this, Deron Williams is meeting up with the Nets. And if Deron re-signs with the Nets, so much for Dwight Howard getting his wish. Oh, and the Nets get to keep MarShon Brooks and possibly Gerald Green. If Deron stays, this looks like a very good debut for the Nets in Brooklyn.

As for the Hawks, well, they're not going to contend for the championship. Is Josh Smith the next to go?

But the Hawks have cap room now! Hey, Dwight!

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