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NBA Rumors: Good News Nets, Dwight Howard Wants to Ditch the Orlando Magic Again

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The ongoing saga regarding what will ultimately happen with Dwight Howard is just as much the Orlando Magic’s fault as it is Howard’s. Sure, their clearly immature big man has been vacillating about his future with the squad for about a year now, but Magic management has enabled him for just as long. Had they taken a hard stance from the very beginning, a guy like Howard who is clearly incapable of making tough life decisions on his own, may have responded better than he has. And let’s suppose for a second that he didn’t respond well, Orlando brass would still be in the same exact predicament that it’s in now.

As we've noted on Opposing Views, the most current status of Howard’s future with the Magic mostly depends on who you speak to. Some sources indicate that he wouldn’t be opposed to staying in Orlando, others believe he would be on the first airplane out of town if only he was given permission to depart.

Well, now we have a new update. According to Yahoo! Sports, Howard does in fact want to go elsewhere. Per Adrian Wojnarowski:

Howard regrets forgoing his early termination option on his 2012-13 contract, sources said, and wants a trade before next season. Nevertheless, the Nets become far less appealing should Williams leave in July as a free agent, so Howard's camp is applying pressure on Orlando to expedite a deal once it hires a new general manager.

Orlando ownership has softened on moving Howard and doesn't want to spend another season pleading with him to sign an extension. The organization's preference is to get the best possible trade package for him and start retooling the franchise. Nevertheless, the Magic will give a new GM some latitude to navigate Howard's future once he's hired. Several of the potential GM candidates in Orlando have already been devising trade scenarios for Howard and plan to propose those ideas to Orlando president Alex Martins in the interview process.

So there you have it, Howard is a goner. Good news for Brooklyn, bad news for Orlando. Wojnarowski is right far too often to doubt the veracity of the stuff he’s hearing.

Good luck with the draft lottery, Alex Martins.

(Kudos Yahoo! Sports)

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