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NBA Rumors: Gilbert Arenas to the Lakers or Clippers?

The Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers don’t have room for Gilbert Arenas on their rosters. It’s important to make that point right off the bat.

Regardless of what anyone says, regardless of what rumors folks try to peddle, even if you were to buy into the idea that either team is actually interested in the services that Arenas can provide at this point in his career, neither has room for a 30-year-old guard whose productivity fell off a cliff three years ago.

Now, full disclosure: we hadn’t heard any rumors about the Lakers or Clippers being interested in Arenas up until today. And seeing as we try our best to stay up on this sort of stuff, that should tell you a lot about how much fans actually bought into this talk. That said, the good folks at Pro Basketball Talk and Larry Brown Sportsdid hear the rumors, apparently, and rather than just aimlessly reporting on them, they decided to actually check them out first.

Where did the rumors come from? Take it away, Larry Brown Sports (via PBT)…

Gilbert Arenas, who grew up in Los Angeles and played high school basketball in North Hollywood, Calif., stopped by a 76 gas station in Sherman Oaks on Tuesday a few blocks away from where I grew up. Gil took a photo with one of the mechanics — a gentleman who has worked on my car in the past — and answered a question about his future. Arenas apparently said he was likely to sign with the Lakers or Clippers for the upcoming season….

My mechanic tells someone who tells someone else who publishes the story on his basketball blog Hoops-Nation. From there, it ends up on a Lakers blog, and then our friends at Black Sports Online picked up on it, which is where I saw the story.

So there you go.

Look, is it one hundred percent guaranteed that the Arenas rumors came from that particular source? No, obviously not. Making the connection that the artist formerly known as Agent Zero is an L.A. guy and would love to play for an L.A. team is one that a lot of people would make. Plus, seeing as the Clippers appear intent on picking up every scrap the Lakers leave behind this summer, it’s moderately believable that they would eye Arenas – even if he is pretty much done at this point.

But yeah, it's not happening. There are two important things everyone should take away this story: 1.) the Lakers will not be adding another old guard to their roster, regardless of what anyone says and 2.) don’t believe every rumor featuring a big ex-star that you hear. (Wait, how can Rasheed Wallace be close to signing with the Knicks, wasn't he supposed to sign with the Lakers last year?)

Barring something totally unforeseen happening, the Lakers and Clippers are going to go into next year as presently constructed. And seeing as both teams are presently constructed really, really well – there is a lot to be excited about if you’re a fan of either one.

(Kudos Pro Basketball Talk, Larry Brown Sports)

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