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NBA Rumors: Dwight Howard and Chris Paul To Team Up On Hawks, Clippers?

Could there be another super team in the National Basketball Association next year?  According to some league sources, it is certainly a possibility. Impending NBA free agents, Chris Paul and Dwight Howard, apparently have been in contact about joining forces next year. That dynamic duo would certainly provide a pairing that could rival the “Big Three” of the Miami Heat.

"They would love to play together if somebody can make it happen," said an NBA source. However, it’s not clear where exactly Howard and Paul would go to play together.

One possibility is the Atlanta Hawks. The franchise has enough cap room to sign both players to maximum-salaried contracts and has a solid team already in place. One potential snag is that Howard, who is from Atlanta, is wary of returning to his hometown. According to sources, if Paul were to sign with the Hawks, it is believed that would be enough to get Howard to sign as well, ESPN reported.

Getting Paul to leave his current team, the Los Angeles Clippers, could be easier said than done.

"It would be very tough for him to go to Atlanta," the source said. "He loved Atlanta when they should have drafted him in '05 but not so much since then. But hey, everybody is an option at this point."

Both players would prefer to play together as members of the Clippers, but since the team does not have enough cap space to sign Howard, it would take a sign-and-trade deal with the Lakers to make it happen. Some have floated a scenario where the Clippers would give up Blake Griffin and Eric Bledsoe to make the deal happen, but it seems unlikely that the Lakers would deal Howard to the team they share an arena with even for those two young and talented players.

Some have said that Griffin is “untouchable,” furthering complicating matters.

Sources: ESPN, Sports Illustrated


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