NBA Rumors: Does 76ers Center Andrew Bynum Hate Playing Basketball?


Over the past few days there have been a lot of jokes made about Andrew Bynum re-aggravating his knee injury by going bowling. While that is admittedly a really weird way for someone to get hurt, it also perfectly illustrates why Lakers fans were so eager to get rid of him. He is extremely injury prone. He has put together only one good year. And while he did definitely showcase brilliance in spurts, the spurts never seemed to come consistently enough to make any sort of legitimate impact.

Bynum being as injury prone as he obviously is was part of the reason why Lakers fans wanted to get rid of him. The other part, however, had a lot less to do with the physical and a lot more to do with the mental. There were constantly questions raised about how much Bynum truly cared about his craft. Constantly. Nobody ever questioned Kobe Bryant’s work ethic. Or LeBron James’ work ethic. Or Kevin Durant’s work ethic. The same doesn’t go for Bynum. There were always questions about where Bynum’s head was at during his stint in L.A., and apparently the concerns were justified.

Check out this tidbit from ProBasketballTalk regarding how one of Bynum’s former teammates viewed him:

So with that in mind, we bring you this wonderful snippet from, where SLAM Magazine’s Tzvi Twersky shared what he heard from one of Bynum’s former teammates.

“I started investigating [the bowling] a little bit,” Twersky said. “And one of the people that I hit, a guy who has played with him before, he texted me back and said ‘I don’t know if that’s true [the bowling], but I do know that I’ve never met another player in the league who likes basketball less [than Bynum].”

“The disclaimer is, I don’t know Andrew like that. From what I hear, he’s a good guy,” Twersky said. “But the fact that I heard this from a guy who has played with him before, it kind of made me think, ‘what’s going on here exactly?’ That’s not the kind of a guy that I necessarily want to be maxing out.”

Obviously it’s impossible to verify someone else’s unnamed source – but man, that sounds so on the money. It sounds exactly like the Bynum that Lakers fans came to recognize.

Look, everyone is rooting for this guy to get it together. You never want to see a player’s career derailed by injuries. That said, it’s difficult to get emotionally invested in a player who doesn’t appear to be emotionally invested himself.

Here is to hoping everything works out for Bynum in the end.

(Kudos ProBasketballTalk, Larry Brown Sports)

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