NBA Rumors: Did 76ers Center Andrew Bynum Really Mess Up His Knee While Bowling?


Andrew Bynum experienced yet another health setback this week. Given his history of injuries and taking into account the fact that the Philadelphia 76ers just gave away their best player to bring him in, you can understand why some fans weren't too happy with this latest development.

Their disappointment levels only increased when reports broke regarding how Bynum messed up his knee. In an interview with Brian Windhorst of ESPN, Philly’s “franchise center” admitted that it probably happened last week when he went bowling.

Yes, seriously.

“I didn't twist it or fall or nothing," Bynum said. "It kind of broke off cartilage and it made the bone bruise bigger. Obviously (how) is the question, it's relatively nothing, it's three steps (and roll). That's the most important thing and why everyone is being so cautious. I can't answer and (doctors) can't now either, we're trying to figure out what's going on."

He also rejected the notion that he shouldn’t have been bowling last weekend.

"I don't think anybody could've told (me) I couldn't do that," Bynum said. "I was doing squatting and low-impact training. It is what it is. The cartilage is in a weakened state."

In an effort to determine how exactly one could get hurt while bowling, Twitter must-follow @GotEm_Coach decided to recreate the incident.

Two takeaways from that: 1.) @GotEm_Coach is brilliant and if you’re not following him you may as well not be on Twitter, and 2.) that’s probably exactly how it happened.

Look, it’s impossible to not feel bad for Bynum at this point. Any time a young player has to deal with as many injuries as he’s had to deal with, it’s a shame. At the same time, it’s also hard to think back to his “There’s a bank in every city…” quote (in which he made it abundantly clear what was truly important to him), and feel the same sort of sadness about his situation as we do about someone like Brandon Roy.

(Kudos ESPN, @GotEm_Coach)

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