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NBA Rumors: Derek Fisher to Rejoin Kobe Bryant, Lakers?

Derek Fisher never put up crazy numbers during his various stints with the Los Angeles Lakers, but there is no denying that he is something of a legend amongst the team’s more ardent fans. Over the course of about 13 total years with the franchise, Fisher contributed to five NBA titles and countless memories with timely clutch play, unflappable steadiness, and irreplaceable leadership.

Unfortunately, whether all involved would like to admit it or not, his divorce from the Lakers was kind of messy.

Last year, Fisher was shipped to the Houston Rockets in a deal that netted L.A. Jordan Hill and some cap space. Houston then proceeded to release him, and Fisher ultimately wound up playing with the Oklahoma City Thunder. His contributions to that team were akin to his contributions to the Lakers, however, apparently they weren’t notable enough to earn him a spot on OKC’s roster this year.

Despite some rumors that Scott Brooks is looking into bringing Fisher back, as of now, the 16-year veteran is a man without a country.

Could he end up right back where he started? Maybe. Check out this CBS report from Sept. 18:

Derek Fisher, who is a free agent, was also in hand along with 1st-year Laker Steve Nash for the pre-training workouts.

Fisher was traded to the Houston Rockets last season, but then was released a few days later and picked up by the Oklahoma City Thunder off waivers.

Fisher was at Lakers camp. Not Thunder camp, Lakers camp.

Interesting, right?

Look, the odds of Fisher getting a spot on this team aren’t great. First of all, he’d probably get more playing time elsewhere. The Lakers are stacked this season, particularly at the guard positions. If they wanted to be charitable and find room for a valued member of the franchise, there is still no way he would be as big a part of the action as undoubtedly wants to be. Beyond that, L.A. really doesn’t actually have the roster space. For all of the team’s big acquisitions over the summer, they still have certain needs that are more pertinent than others – and adding a 38-year-old point guard doesn’t address any of those needs.

The only thing that makes Fisher’s return even mildly plausible (after he sits out the requisite amount of time) is his close relationship with Kobe Bryant. As the Lakers’ leader, Kobe has a certain amount of clout (maybe), and if he were to campaign to bring Fisher back, that could possibly convince the powers that be to take a chance on him.

But yeah, the smart money is on Fisher signing elsewhere.

(Kudos CBS)

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