NBA Rumors: Derek Fisher to Bulls, Cavaliers, Mavericks, Nets or Thunder?

Original:'s news services now say that Fisher has come up with five destinations that fit. The teams are Brooklyn, Dallas, Cleveland, OKC and Chicago in no particular order.

All of the situations make sense for Fisher.

Brooklyn because of D-Will and to be apart of their current Big Two (even though the Nets are pulling for a Big Three). Dallas due to Dirk. Cleveland to mentor their young guards Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters. Not to mention that a younger team like the Cavs would benefit from the leadership that Fisher would provide. OKC obviously makes sense, he loves it there ... wouldn't be surprised if he switches over to #38.

[We reported a few days ago about the possibility of Derek Fisher joining the Bulls.]

If he came to Chicago, it would be to mentor Marquis Teague, provide steady contribution off the bench and cast an even bigger winning presence than what's already been there. Another positive point to signing with the Bulls would give him a title contender to play for.

The Thunder are the the only other team outside of us -- the Bulls -- expected to push for a title in 2013. The Mavs are probably going to struggle, the Cavs are young and Brooklyn is a new commodity not yet fused together.

Fisher has won five NBA titles in his soon-to-be seventeen year career. I'm sure he wouldn't mind grabbing a sixth.

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