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NBA Rumors: Could Brandon Roy End Up with Lakers, Kobe Bryant Next Year?

Could Brandon Roy end up being the Los Angeles Lakers’ big offseason acquisition?

Let’s hope not.

Given how disappointingly things ended for Kobe Bryant and Co. this year, everyone has sort of come to the agreement that the Lakers need to make changes. That’s not up for debate. What is debatable, however, is what precisely those changes need to be.

Does the organization have to make a massive, Dwight Howard-esque trade that will change the look of the squad for the next decade? Or can they keep the core in place, and simply tinker with the supporting cast? You know, maybe add a bit of depth to an otherwise okay group.

Well, if what ESPN’s Chris Palmer said today is any indication, the Lakers might end up going with that second option. Per his Twitter:

Someone who could help the Lakers: Brandon Roy. Based on what I'm told he could be back in the league next year.

— chris palmer (@ESPNChrisPalmer) May 31, 2012

Kobe's respect for Roy is huge. Saw them getting along great at All-Star 2010.

— chris palmer (@ESPNChrisPalmer) May 31, 2012

Now, at this point, let’s inject a bit of reality into this discussion. Roy retired back in 2011 because his degenerative knee condition was deemed so bad, doctors feared it could impair his ability to walk if he were to keep playing. And really, even before he officially hung up his kicks, Roy was a shell of his former self long before he called it quits. He had that one stellar playoff showing versus the Dallas Mavericks but, outside of that, it was obvious that he was done.

So with all that being said – sure, a comeback by Roy wouldn’t be the most shocking thing in the world. Given the advances they’ve made in medical technology over the last few years, anything is possible. But a comeback and a successful comeback are two very different things.

The Lakers need to add impact players this offseason. It doesn’t have to be someone of Howard’s magnitude, really. It could just be a roleplayer; but it has to be an impactful roleplayer.

Sorry to say, Roy ain’t that.

(Kudos B/R)

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