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NBA Rumors: Clippers, Nets, Pistons and More

With the NBA All Star Weekend festivities kicking off this evening in Houston, Texas, many NBA general managers will be in town discussing potential trades. Always one of the most active days of the NBA calendar, the trade deadline is next week on Feb. 21. Here are some players that could be on the move:

Eric Bledsoe: Bledsoe is one of the most talented backup point guards in the league. He would be a starter on most teams but, unfortunately for him, he plays in Los Angeles behind Chris Paul. Still the Clippers may want to hold on to Bledsoe because Paul has been injured this year and it’s unclear what exactly they could get for the 23-year-old. Reports of Bledsoe heading to the Celtics in a deal involving Kevin Garnett have been refuted.

Kris Humphries: The Brooklyn Nets need scoring on the wing and one of the only pieces that they have to deal is forward Humphries. Although he isn’t an extremely talented player, Humphries plays hard, can hit the glass and would provide some frontline help to a team looking to make a playoff push. His over-inflated contract could be somewhat of an issue.

Evan Turner: After getting off to an extremely hot start, Turner has been cooling down for the Philadelphia 76ers as of late. Turner can contribute across the board but doesn’t really excel in any one area so most teams probably wouldn’t be willing to give up too much for him. Turner does have talent and the 76ers may just be better off holding onto him.

Will Bynum: The Detroit Pistons are going nowhere this season and trading guard Bynum for some young talent or a draft pick would make a lot of sense. The Pistons recently acquired Jose Calderon and they already have shoot-first guards Brandon Knight and Rodney Stuckey on their roster. Bynum has done well in limited playing time this year and would be a good fit for a team (Boston Celtics?) that is thin at guard.

Source: (Rotoworld)


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