NBA Rumors: Clippers, Hornets Working on a Trade?


Unlike the Los Angeles Lakers, Brooklyn Nets and an assortment of other teams who are looking to radically alter their rosters, the Los Angeles Clippers are just looking to make tweaks these days.

With Blake Griffin locked up for the next five years and Chris Paul more or less content, Donald Sterling and Co. are merely scanning the market for minor add-ons who could help out the squad in various little ways.

One such minor addition: Marco Bellinelli.

Last year, in 66 games with the New Orleans Hornets, Bellinelli averaged a career high 12 points on 41 percent shooting from the field. He also shot 38 percent from behind the arc, a figure that was down slightly from his career average of 39 percent.

According to Ramona Shelbourne of ESPN LA, the Clippers could potentially work out a swap of some sort with the Hornets that will land them Bellinelli’s services. Via that report:

The Clippers have discussed signing Bellinelli with their bi-annual exception and various sign-and-trades with the Hornets, one of which involves small forward Ryan Gomes and a pick heading to New Orleans.

While Bellinelli was admittedly something of a disappointment during his first few years in The Association, there is no denying that he’s picked it up over the last two seasons. New Orleans was never exactly a place known for bolstering guys’ stats, so it’s far more likely that the reason for his improvement as of late is him finally being healthy and not the Hornets' great system.

So long as he can stay healthy, he’d be a great addition for L.A. – especially if all it would cost them is Gomes.

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(Kudos ESPN LA)

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