NBA Rumors: Clippers Considering Trading Eric Bledsoe to Celtics for Kevin Garnett?

The Boston Celtics were expected to contend for a championship this year. Despite the loss of Ray Allen, most felt as though this team did enough to improve itself during the offseason to at the very least challenge the Miami Heat for the Eastern Conference crown.

With 47 games in the books, Boston sits at 24-23 and is holding on tightly to the No. 8 seed. If the Celtics played in the Western Conference, they would be a No. 10 seed. Even before the Rajon Rondo injury this group was headed nowhere fact – losing its best player just accelerated the process.

Danny Ainge understands the business of basketball very well. He is well aware of the fact that four consecutive wins (two of which came against the Sacramento Kings and Orlando Magic, and one which came against the Chris Paul-less Los Angeles Clippers) mean zilch in the grand scheme of things.

And that’s why you are beginning to hear stuff like this floating around:

Sources tell Sporting News that the #Clippers have contacted the #Celtics about Kevin Garnett. Offer would include Caron Butler and Beldsoe.

— Sean Deveney (@SeanDeveney) February 3, 2013

Remember, Celtics have not yet decided whether they're going to stick it out with this team or make changes just yet.

— Sean Deveney (@SeanDeveney) February 3, 2013

The main thing to take away from that isn’t L.A.’s perplexing desire to give away an absolute stud in Bledsoe, it’s Boston’s admission that there is no winning with this roster. There will be no final hoorah. If there is demand out there for any of their big pieces, the Celtics are willing to listen.

That being said, the idea of Garnett being traded to the Clippers for Bledsoe is ridiculous. The latter is too good; Garnett, at this stage of his career, simply isn’t worth that sort of investment.

A recent report from the Los Angeles Times recently echoed that sentiment.

The Clippers are not pursuing Boston Celtics center Kevin Garnett despite what has been reported, according to NBA officials who were not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.

Furthermore,  the Clippers’ front office has not had any conversations with Boston’s front office about a rumored deal in which L.A. would use back-up point guard Eric Bledsoe and small forward Caron Butler as the centerpieces to acquire Garnett, said the officials.

Of course not. But Boston would most definitely be willing to do that deal.

One other interesting tidbit on this matter:

Told Kevin Garnett will not waive no trade unless Pierce is dealt, and then only to LA. Lives in Malibu.

— Shaun Powell (@Powell2daPeople) February 4, 2013

How accurate is that? Who knows. If it’s true, though, that’s a pretty respectable move by one of the least respectable players in the NBA.

(Los Angeles Times)

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