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NBA Rumors: Celtics Trading Paul Pierce to Nets for Kris Humphries, MarShon Brooks?

The Boston Celtics are 28-25 and will only end up making the playoffs this year because of how awful the Eastern Conference is. Regardless of whether or not this group can make it to the postseason, though, the writing is the on the wall: no more championships.

A change can be made this week, or a change can be this summer, but one way or another a change will need to be made.  

Danny Ainge is interested in moving Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce if the right deals come along, everybody knows this. The latter can’t do anything if he gets shipped out, the former has a no-trade clause in his contract. It is generally assumed that if both men can be sent to teams that they will be satisfied with, Garnett will waive his clause.

Over the past few days, numerous reports have surfaced linking Garnett to the Los Angeles Clippers. At the moment no deal is imminent, however, the proposed trade makes too much sense to ignore. If Pierce were to get shipped out between now and the deadline, there is a very good chance that Garnett would okay a swap that lands him in L.A.

The obvious question is: where would Pierce go?

According to Yahoo! Sports, the Celtics and Brooklyn Nets are in talks regarding a package that would leave Pierce in the Big Apple and Kris Humphries (plus MarShon Brooks) in Boston.  

The Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets have discussed a trade for Celtics star Paul Pierce, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

The Nets' offer centered on forward Kris Humphries, guard MarShon Brooks and a first-round draft pick, but the Celtics want a more substantial package to consider moving Pierce, league sources said.

You will recall, murmurs of Pierce possibly going to the Nets were heard right around this time last year, too. That deal ultimately never materialized. It’s hard to imagine things ending much differently on this go-round. While Humphries is an interesting piece, Brooks is hardly the player folks made him out to be this past summer. He was expected to shine in the post-Avery Johnson era, but P.J. Carlesimo hasn’t given him much burn either.

It’s impossible to say for certain what will happen between now and the deadline, but this is the general rule to keep in mind when it comes to Boston: Garnett won’t abandon Pierce. Either both will stay or both will go.  

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