NBA Rumors: Celtics Coach Doc Rivers Thinks the Lakers Mistreated Phil Jackson?


A lot of people have weighed in on how the Los Angeles Lakers handled their brief flirtation with Phil Jackson. Players, coaches, fans – everyone has lined up to pound Jim Buss and Co. for how they conducted themselves during that brief stretch between Mike Brown’s firing and Mike D’Antoni’s hiring.

The latest person to take a couple of swings at Lakers brass is Boston Celtics head coach, Doc Rivers. Now, before proceeding, it’s important to note that Rivers’ opinion on anything related to purple and gold is completely meaningless to all Lakers fans. Rivers is a great coach and a respected representative of the game, but he is also a Celtic. And there are few things more irrelevant in Los Angeles than what someone out of Boston thinks about the way things are handled out here.

That said, Rivers’ take was pretty strong. Here is what he told Chris Russo (via the Los Angeles Times) on Tuesday:

"I didn't like the way it was done," said Rivers.  "I don't think you embarrass anybody…

"Whether you like Phil or not, he's won a lot of titles and I think he was owed more than that treatment, in my opinion, especially [from] that franchise.”

It’s a valid point, of course. Given how many banners in Staples were hung up thanks to Jackson’s run with the franchise, he does deserve a certain level of respect that he quite clearly didn’t get from Jim Buss. Still, the validity of Rivers’ assessment notwithstanding, he is the wrong guy to be carrying that flag.

"I thought they could have handled that better.”

No doubt. And the Celtics could have handled the Ray Allen situation better. Just saying.

(Kudos Los Angeles Times)

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