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NBA Rumors: Bulls to Sign Vladimir Radmanovic?

According to Fox Chicago, the Bulls have signed sharpshooting Vladimir Radmanovic.

FA PWR FWD, 6-10 Vladimir Radmanovic expected to sign with #bulls tomorrow, looks like Omer is gone

Well, folks ... this is the apparent Kyle Korver replacement. Not to mention, this deal looks to be the fate-sealer on Omer Asik.

Radmanovic is a 6-foot-11ish rangy guy that will shoot the piss out of the ball. He's been a bit of a journeyman role player for every team he's played for. As a veteran, Vlad knows the NBA well and won't have too, too hard of a time I don't think adjusting to the Bulls' style of play.

There's just one problem ... he can't guard. At all. (Something we all know Coach Thibs preaches day in and day out.)

Alright, Vlad isn't that bad of a player. Not that bad at all. But, for some bizarre reason the Bulls have decided to sign him before filling the gaping holes all over the roster first. (Eh hmm ... I think the 2-guard, and back-ups at the 3 and 5 need attention first.) So with this move made by the Bulls, you would have to think that Vlad is the back-up three.

Yeah, he can shoot, but he can't do anything else, really. He will provide scoring help off of the bench. He's pretty tall too, so, it's not like the bench will give a whole lot of size.

My beef here isn't at all with the signing of Vlad. Not, not at all. My beef is that this move has come before signing another free agent that can come in right away and compete for a starting position -- preferably a shooting guard or a power forward. Guys, Courtney Lee, Delonte West, Kenyon Martin, Gilbert Arenas and above and beyond are all still on the board ... even Darko Milicic!!!

As you would probably expect, the deal is reportedly a one-year contract worth for the veteran's minimum. Not an overpay by any stretch.

Radmanovic isn't going to be a game changer, nor a bum. Not a bad sign, Chicago. But there's no question it could have come at a much, much better time (i.e. in a week or so).

Let's just hope that having him in town means that Brian Scalabrine is on the outs. I don't think Gar Forman would be to wise to let the greatest player of all-time the, White Mamba, take his talents somewhere else.

Vlad averaged almost 5 points and 3 boards a game last season for the Atlanta Hawks.

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