NBA Rumors: Bulls Looking to Sign Jerryd Bayless, Michael Redd?

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According to Blog-a-Bull along with many other sites and Twitter accounts, the Bulls are looking at free agents Jerryd Bayless and Michael Redd.

Bayless spent last season with the Raptors and was Jose Calderon's back-up for the most part. Whereas Michael Redd was still productive coming off the bench for the Suns.

Bayless had an impressive 11.4 points per game in '11-'12. Another big-time stat that Jarryd bared was a PER of 17.8 (second overall on the team, .2 behind sharpshooting PF Andrea Bargnani). Bayless is a 6'3" combo guard that can score. He's played along guys like Chris Paul and Brandon Roy early in his career so playing with Derrick Rose wouldn't be a big change of pace.

With the drafting of Marquis Teague though, I'm not to sure if I like this fit. Teague is good enough to start this year. Yeah, he (Bayless) is young -- at only 23-years-old and going into his fifth year in the league -- his ceiling is still high. But, the 6'2" Teague is younger with a high potential, I say they go with Teague.

As for Redd ... we all know about him. Late-second round draft pick turned into NBA All-Star and USA Basketball Olympic Teamer. Redd came out of college know as a big-time defensive guy, not a lights out shooter. He transformed his shooting ability going into the second year of his NBA career. Redd is still a great shooter but what seems to be an endless amount of knee injuries and not being in-shape have taken some years away from his game.

Michael, 32 almost 33, finally found his niche in Phoenix and looked comfortable playing again. He was a big part of the mid-season revival for a team that fought and clawed for the No. 8 seed in the Western Conference but fell short. Redd makes more sense because he's bigger than Bayless, a better shooter, a Midwest guy and more importantly he can help fill the void possibly to be left by Ronnie Brewer, Kyle Korver and (iffy) Luol Deng.

Chances on either of them ending up with the Bulls are low. That doesn't mean they wouldn't help though. Both will find jobs somewhere, especially Bayless due to his younger age and potential. Redd will most likely look to join a contender. Celtics?

We'll keep you updated on everything Bulls free agency, keep checking back here!

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