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NBA Rumors: Bulls Interested in Johnny Flynn?

Four year man, point guard Johnny Flynn, will visit the Chicago Bulls on Friday according to Rant Sports' Riley Schmitt.

At first I was puzzled at the thought of taking on Flynn. But after a few hours ... the thought sunk in.

Flynn, despite his so far very disappointing career, Johnny is still a solid NBA point guard and would be an amazing third unit point guard. Yeah, third unit point guard doesn't sound too important or interesting but isn't that what John Lucas III was for us this past season? Ha, yep!

Flynn is younger and has a much, much higher ceiling than Lucas. The Bulls like to have as many ball-handlers as possible on the team. (A trend in the past couple years rosters). With Flynn, Teague and Hinrich will have a beyond formidable safety net. And then when Rose returns? Uh-oh look out.

Looking ahead, Flynn would most likely be a prospect for good trade bait next off-season. Hopefully -- given Flynn chooses Chicago -- he can raise his trade value on top of saving his career from having a very infamous word written all over it.


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