NBA Rumors: Bulls, Hornets, Jazz, Knicks, Suns, Timberwolves All Make Moves

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It's becoming slim pickings out here.

*3-Way Deal: Robin Lopez and Hakim Warrick go from Phoenix to New Orleans; Wesley Johnson and a first-round pick go from Minnesota to Phoenix; Brad Miller's contract, Jerome Dyson, picks, and cash go to Minnesota*
Phoenix fans are sure happy to get rid of Robin Lopez but they get another underachiever (or maybe an overwhelmed) Wesley Johnson. But what's funny is that Minnesota was WILLING to give a first-round pick away along with it. What?!

I don't understand some of the rules in the NBA... but how does Miller get traded in a span of two weeks by the same teams?!

As for New Orleans, they get some guys to flank and back-up rookie Anthony Davis. This may give some more open shots to Ryan Anderson.

While Minnesota gave away a first-round pick, they have more room now to sign another free agent. Rumor is they're going after Andrei Kirilenko. Stay tuned.

*Utah agrees to terms with Randy Foye*
Foye was inconsistent with the Clippers and started with them after Chauncey Billups went down. He did shoot nearly 39 percent behind the arc and averaged 11 points per game. He may give Utah some additional shooting off the bench.

*New York agrees to terms with Ronnie Brewer*
The Knicks continue to add depth in their backcourt by signing defensive specialist Brewer. They might as well get rid of their SG position and change it to DG (defensive guard) because that's what pretty much where Brewer and incumbent 2-guard Iman Shumpert are good at.

*Chicago agrees to terms with Marco Belinelli*
Because the Bulls need more European shooters.

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