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NBA Rumors: Bulls, Bucks, Hornets, Blazers Interested in Eddy Curry if Spurs Pass on Him?

Eddy Curry’s career has become something of a joke over the last few years. Between his weight concerns, his injury problems and his general ineffectiveness, you can’t really blame folks for not taking him seriously as a baller. He did it to himself. Mind you, this is a guy who went from averaging 20 points per game with the New York Knicks at his peak just six years ago to, well, a guy who has played in 24 total games over the past three years.  

All of that said, Curry is still 29, and he’s still seven feet tall. And so long as you are seven feet tall and have any sort of legitimate pro basketball experience, there will always be an NBA team who will give you a shot.

Currently, Curry is in San Antonio Spurs camp trying to make that roster. If the Spurs thing doesn’t work out, though, there are apparently a lot of other squads interested in maybe, possibly bringing him in this year.

As reported by Sam Amico:

Even in the event Eddy Curry doesn't make the Spurs, word is he's played well enough to have drawn interest from...

several teams, which are supposedly keeping tabs on him. Then again, Curry no longer seems like such a long shot to make the Spurs' final roster. The Bucks, Trail Blazers, Hornets and yes, Bulls, all may have an interest if Curry is cut loose.

It’s worth noting, Curry averaged two points and one rebound per game with the Miami Heat last year. He did that damage in six minutes of action per outing. Which part of that signifies to teams that he deserves a roster spot is beyond us, but maybe they see something we don’t.

If the Spurs ultimately decide to keep Curry, that will inspire a lot of confidence from folks all over the league. Gregg Popovich isn’t one to waste his time. If they get rid of him, though, then it’s probably a safe bet that Eddy Curry V.2012 is the same one we’ve been seeing over the last few years.

(Kudos Sam Amico)

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