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NBA Rumors: Are the Lakers Looking to Trade Pau Gasol?

There are two popular explanations as to why Pau Gasol won’t get traded. The first centers on the fact that the Los Angeles Lakers will expect too much in return for him, and thus won’t find a credible offer from anyone. The second is essentially based on the notion that, even with his slipping production, his value to the team outweighs his total cost.

If Gasol continues on his current path, that latter idea will stop being applicable.

As of this week, the Los Angeles’ much maligned power forward is averaging 13 points and nine rebounds per game. The rebounding figure is his lowest since becoming a Laker; the points total is a career low. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Gasol isn’t just doing less damage – he’s also doing it less efficiently. A career 52 percent shooter, he shooting just 42 percent from the field this year.

As a point of reference: Kobe Bryant is currently averaging 28 points per game on 50 percent shooting.

If Gasol continues to perform this poorly, the idea of moving his massive contract (he is owed more than $38 million over the next two years), even if it comes at a detriment to how the Lakers perform on the court, becomes all the more appetizing.

All of which leads us to the inevitable question: are the Lakers looking to move Gasol yet? According to the Los Angeles Times – no.

Per their report:

The Lakers aren't actively looking to trade Gasol right now, The Times has learned, because they want to see what happens when Nash returns from a small fracture in his leg.

So the team isn’t “actively” looking to trade him “right now.” Quick, someone ask Gasol if any of that makes him feel better.

A couple of more two-of-nine showings like he had against the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday night, and the Lakers likely will start “actively” looking to trade him “right now.”

(Kudos Los Angeles Times)

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