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NBA Rumors: Are Hawks’ DeShawn Stevenson and Nets’ Deron Williams Beefing?

Aside from the Los Angeles Lakers acquiring Steve Nash, the biggest deal of this past NBA offseason was probably the Brooklyn Nets trading for Joe Johnson. Both in terms of the financial ramifications (for both squads) and the overall impact this transaction promises to have, it was a pretty important happening.

Last week, while speaking to ESPN, Nets point guard Deron Williams lamented about the differences he expects to see this year as opposed to last year. In the interview he noted that, because of the pieces the team has now, he didn’t envision being as irritated with his teammates’ behavior on this go-round.

“…I've showed frustration, but I think anybody would have. I think no matter who it is, if you were there every day and you saw what was going on in the locker room you'd be pissed off too sometimes. You're getting your asses kicked and then you're in the locker room laughing about the game afterwards,” Williams said (via Larry Brown Sports).

"I don't think that stuff is funny. That's what we had to deal with last year. But I don't think we're going to deal with it this year, because just talking to the guys, that's not what we're about. We're talking about not losing two games in a row. We were just trying to fight to win two games in a row last year."

So those were Williams’ statements in an ESPN interview that went up on Oct. 2.

Now, check out what DeShawn Stevenson posted on Twitter yesterday:

Image placeholder title

(curse-free image that won't kill the advertising on this page via LBS)

If u gonna say ppl Quit say Names I Don't Quit I work hard period when u say that my name in it and I work hard I don't quit!!!

— dsteve92 & JMarie (@DSteve92JMarie) October 10, 2012

I hear ppl laughing but they ain't talking!!! Win One Shots Fired

— dsteve92 & JMarie (@DSteve92JMarie) October 10, 2012

Is Stevenson responding to Williams? It’s impossible to say with certainty, but it definitely looks like it. For all that say names talk, though, Stevenson sure was careful to not put any names down himself.

(Kudos Larry Brown Sports, ESPN)

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