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NBA Rumors: Are the Dallas Mavericks Done with Delonte West?

Delonte West was suspended by the Dallas Mavericks on Thursday for conduct detrimental to the team. This is the second time in as many weeks that West has been punished and, apparently, Mavericks brass is tired of the headaches. More importantly, though, they are reportedly worried that West may end up serving as a bad example for their younger players.

According to Tim MacMahon of ESPN, West’s agent is currently in negotiations with the team regarding the specific terms of his client’s departure. Among the options being discussed: West being bought out or being cut, or a situation where he just agrees to leave and become a free agent (and the Mavericks wouldn’t have to pay him).

Here was the rant West went on yesterday as news of his suspension broke:

I'm gonna just pray for um!!!...perception is not reality!!!..real is any language,culture...and what's wrong is what's wrong!!

— Delonte West (@CharleeRedz13) October 25, 2012

All my family friends fans...who been right der wit methisuphillbattle over the last 4years to get to this point....already know

— Delonte West (@CharleeRedz13) October 25, 2012

That my name showin up in any fashion in a negative light is the worst thing that can happen.everything Ived worked towards out d window

— Delonte West (@CharleeRedz13) October 25, 2012

Just ask u to talk with me....I'm a grown man...that's not above logic and reason...Before u go to the papers wit false information.

— Delonte West (@CharleeRedz13) October 25, 2012

If I'm not what u lookin 4 ....That's fine...just dont kick me in my ass on the way out the door....I didn't do anything to deserve that...

— Delonte West (@CharleeRedz13) October 25, 2012

I love the city of Dallas..I love playin in the I'm not off my I ain't on no bipolar trip...this real people lives..

— Delonte West (@CharleeRedz13) October 25, 2012

And it just ain't right..imma leave it at ill will towards no one...I'm just sittin here across from the arena wit tear in my eyes

— Delonte West (@CharleeRedz13) October 25, 2012

So there you go.

Either way, we should get a definitive statement on West’s status with the Mavericks by the end of today.

(Kudos ESPN)

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